Erebouni “HAVERJ” Collection – Sterling Silver Roller

Erebouni: Rebirth Towards Eternity

Our exquisite collection, “Haverj”,  Roller pen in Red resin and sterling silver. The resin barrel is embellished by deep-relief engraving with the Armenian symbols of history and culture.


thumb-flat-gold-without-capDie-cast signature clip with a blue Swarovski zirconia and die-cast cap-top in the shape of the Armenian church dome, the “Zevartnots”, the seventh century masterpiece of Armenian architecture.

Comes with an 18k gold nib , personalized in rhodium and gold plated patterns
Fountain Pen fitted to a piston-filling system


Available in Sterling Silver and Vermiel, in both Fountain Pen and Roller models. Only 1915 pens will ever be produced.

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