Pen Collections


Limited Edition Eerebouni “HOKEVOR”

  • Fountain Pen limited edition series
  • Only 100 pens of each type in existence.
  • Made of Red color celluloid and metalwork in die-cast Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, Gold plated
  • 18k gold nib, personalised with the Montegrappa logo and the “dove of peace” pattern in bicolor: rhodium and gold plated finishing
  • Signature clip of the pen is adorned with a blue cubic zirconia by Swarovski, measuring 6 x4 mm
  • Fountain Pen is fitted with piston-filling system
  • Barrel clad in an ornamental silver die-cast metalwork, representing the history and culture of Armenia
  • Montegrappa logo is positioned onto the cap and the barrel end bears the limitation number of the item

Limited Edition Erebouni “HAVERJ”

  • Limited edition, Fountain pen or Roller in Red resin and sterling silver or Gold plated finish.
  • Only 1915 pens of each type in existence.
  • Resin barrel is embellished by deep-relief engraving with the Armenian symbols of history and culture
  • Die-cast signature clip with the same blue Swarovski zirconia and die-cast cap-top in the shape of the Amernian church dome
  • 18k gold nib , personalised in rhodium and gold plated patterns
  • Fountain Pen fitted to a piston-filling system
  • Includes FREE Cufflinks with Fountain Pen variants

Standard Edition Erebouni “KRAGAN”

  • Design in the wake of the classic Montegrappa Fortuna collection
  • Writing modes available: Rollerball, Ballpoint or Fountain Pen
  • Made in Black color resin and Rose Gold or Yellow Gold plated brass trim
  • Barell, cap and top cap are embellished with laser engraved patterns, representing symbols of Armenian history and culture

Cufflinks – Shaded

Made in sterling silver or gold, adorned by the ornamental engravings following the theme of Erebouni