Limited Edition Eerebouni “HOKEVOR”

Erebouni: Rebirth Towards Eternity

Our flagship collection, “Hokevor”,  Fountain Pen limited edition series made of red color celluloid and metalwork in Solid gold, die-cast sterling silver, or Vermeil.


hokevor-fountain-goldAvailable  in 18k solid Gold upon request.

The resin barrel is embellished by deep-relief engraving with the Armenian symbols of history and culture.

An 18k gold nib, personalized with the Montegrappa logo and the “dove of peace” pattern in bicolor: rhodium and gold plated finishing.

The signature clip of the pen is adorned with a blue cubic zirconia by Swarovski, measuring 6 x4 mm. The fountain pen is fitted with a piston-filling system, and the barrel is clad in an ornamental silver die-cast metalwork, representing the history and culture of Armenia.

The Montegrappa logo is positioned onto the cap and the barrel end bears the limitation number of the item

Available in Solid Gold (on Order), Sterling Silver, or Vermeil. Limited: only 100 pens of each type in existence.

Starting from:
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