Rebirth Towards Eternity

This is EREBOUNI: A spiritual, intellectual, and beautiful homage of the Armenian Nation. Rooted in the past, yet flowering in the future, time, the cosmic evolution, flows inside the perpetuity of "Է"" ("E"). This is the mystery of "EREBOUNI".

Crafted by legendary pen creators, Montegrappa

An incredible, first-of-it-kind collaboration between members of the Armenian clergy, talented illustrators, and none other than legendary pen-crafters Montegrappa, Erebouni has been built with deep thematic thought and attention-to-detail. It is a collaborative, creative project like none before; every element of the pen bears the mark of powerful symbolism and expert craftsmanship.

Powerful Thematic Designs of the Armenian Nation

Every element on Erebouni bears rich symbolism, and is derived from the theological and philosophical treatises of Rev. Fr. Dr. Mesrop Topalian. The themes touch on mortality, eternity, and the rebirth of hope, and also national Armenian themes of church, state, memorials, and Armenian people and diaspora.

The "Zevartnots", the seventh century masterpiece of Armenian architecture

The major figure on the pen is the three vaulted church “Zevartnots”, the seventh century masterpiece of Armenian architecture, symbolizing the Armenian faith in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The ancient name of the capital city of Armenia “Yerevan” was “EREBOUNI”. “EREBOUNI” (“Էրեբունի”, as written in Armenian) begins with the capital letter “Է”, which is the seventh in the Armenian alphabet. The capitalized “Է” is not a mere letter for the Armenians, it is first and foremost the proper name of the Lord of Time and Eternity, God (Ex 3, 14).

The past, the present, and the future, in one word – time, the cosmic evolution – always flow inside the perpetuity of “Է” (“E”). This “Է”, carved in gold on every high altar in every Armenian Church, informs the beadle of the presence of Divine Eternity in human temporality.

A single tear-drop on the signature clip, representing grief and hope.

“Mount Ararat” is the portrait of the Armenian People and Land, and the symbol of their survival.

The “Pomegranate” is the symbol of life in the Armenian culture.

“100” designates the memorial of the tragedy in Armenia (1915-2015). The “Crane”, the Armenian traditional symbol of exile and Diaspora.

The “Eternal Flame” and the “Wheel of Eternity”

The “Eternal Flame” is the eternal fire lit in memory of the 1915 victims to venerate the Martyrs of April 24, established in the “Dzidzernagapert” memorial center, Yerevan, on 29 November 1967.

The “Wheel of Eternity”, with eight blossoming spokes, is the Armenian symbol of eternity.

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